Connect to Remote Camera via IP and Port

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Tom Gibara, released some public-domain code ('The code is public domain. I make no warranty as to its fitness for any particular purpose.') which can easily be used to connect to a remote WebCam over IP and Port (for example to your Desktop PC).

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CameraSource cs = new RemoteCamera("", 9889, 320, 240); if (! { /* deal with failure to obtain camera */ } else { while(/*some condition*/) { cs.capture(canvas); //capture the frame onto the canvas } } cs.close();
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Excuse me... I want to use android device to view remote android cam. I use the code. But it show many error. ex: 1.public void capture(Canvas canvas) show remove @override AND implements a supertype method 2.public class Getview implements CameraSource show CameraSource cannot be resolved a type....

And I have no idea where to add the code upper of this page...

Any example work fine??


Reply · March 24, 2011, 8:35 a.m.