Get the phone SDK version

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Get the Android SDK version running on the phone.

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StringBuffer buf = new StringBuffer(); buf.append("VERSION.RELEASE {"+Build.VERSION.RELEASE+"}"); buf.append("\\nVERSION.INCREMENTAL {"+Build.VERSION.INCREMENTAL +"}"); buf.append("\\nVERSION.SDK {"+Build.VERSION.SDK+"}"); buf.append("\\nBOARD {"+Build.BOARD+"}"); buf.append("\\nBRAND {"+Build.BRAND+"}"); buf.append("\\nDEVICE {"+Build.DEVICE+"}"); buf.append("\\nFINGERPRINT {"+Build.FINGERPRINT+"}"); buf.append("\\nHOST {"+Build.HOST+"}"); buf.append("\\nID {"+Build.ID+"}"); Log.d("build",buf);
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Since this code snippet makes use of "Build" class, let me add its link here:

Reply · March 26, 2011, 2:26 a.m.